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5-17 News: Pine County Short on Judges

Pine County Facing Judge Shortage

Pine County is currently facing a shortage in their judicial branch.

The County currently has two judges, with an expected case load requiring roughly 2.7. The number of judges required can be a decimal due to their need being defined by the number of open cases.

Pine County District Court Judge Krista Martin says the number of cases has skyrocketed recently, specifically criminal ones.

Martin also explained that the County is facing a unique issue as opposed to other Minnesota counties in the fact that they're likely the most under-judged county in the state of Minnesota.

Judge Martin has served Minnesota since she was appointed by Governor Jesse Ventura in 2001

Horse Riding event

A trio of partners are joining forces for a positive cause.

The Minnesota Horse Training Academy, The Hoof-Hearted Saddle Club, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital are teaming up to raise money for the hospital and their kids.

The event is a trail ride this Saturday at 1 pm at the Rum River Forest in Ogilvie.

Afterwards, a raffle will take place with prizes awarded.

Donations are accepted and appreciated.

Family Fun Night

Pine City Country Club is hosting a family fun night.

This Friday night at 5:45, the Club is offering drinks, food, and prizes as a part of the special night.

The fee for members is 20, and non members cost 35.

To sign up for the night, visit the clubhouse at the Pine City Country Club.

National Police Week

Remember to thank a Police Officer for their commitment and service to the community this week, as it’s been designated national Police week.

Rush City Community Cleanup Day

The Rush City community cleanup day is this weekend.

Located at the Rush City public works garage from 8 am to 10:30 am, citizens can bring old appliances, TV’s, tires, couches, and other large items for disposal.

No hazardous or household waste will be accepted.

A list of what is accepted and the costs of each can be found in the flyer below.

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