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Talon Sanitation Brings Local Touch to Pine City Area

320 Brewing Co. Opening July 28

After a long wait, a local brewery is finally opening in Pine City.

320 Brewery, named after the area code, is ready for business on Friday.

Area owners Nick and Cassandra Olson own the brewery, which has a strong social media following where they’ve updated interested citizens on happenings with the process.

With an originally planned opening date in June, 320 will be opening its doors Friday.

In celebration and support, WCMP will have a live broadcast featuring Morning Show DJ Joshua Miron from 2:30 to 4:30.

Talon Sanitation Company Brings Local Touch to Pine City Area

High community demand has opened the door for a new sanitation company in Pine City.

Locally owned Talon Sanitation has quickly rolled out its business and plans on having services begin as soon as August 14th.

Husband and wife duo Quent and Nikki Patzoldt, who run the company, are looking to fulfill the second contract available to Pine City, while Talon is already authorized to collect waste in rural areas away from the city.

The process for the second contract could be completed by next Wednesday at the Pine City council meeting.

Contact information for rates and other questions can be found right here.

Suicide Awareness Line

A nearby saddle club is coming together to support suicide awareness.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide kills more people every year than war, murder, and natural disasters combined.

The Northwest Saddle club is putting on the event which includes a race on July 30th.

For more info on the race and how you can help visit

Ruby’s Pantry

A local food shelter is meeting at a new location this month.

Ruby’s Pantry in Pine City will be using the Civic Center instead of the Armory.

The pop up pantry is tonight from 5-6:30 pm and a $20 cash donation at the door is appreciated.

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