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Speaker Offers Glimpse of Pokegama Sanatorium

Speaker Offers Glimpse of Pokegama Sanatorium

A firsthand look into one of the most mysterious and intriguing places in Pine County will soon be offered.

The Pine County Area History Association will be hosting Paranormal Investigator Eric Moen, who’s been one of the rare few to see the inside of the Pokegama Sanatorium.

Moen said it’s been one of the more active places he’s been to and that the sanatorium is off limits to the public, and that it was for good reason. Hear from him below:

Eric Moen will be speaking at the Pine City Public Library on Sunday, October 15th at 2 pm.

As a reminder, the Pokegama Sanatorium is private property and off limits to the public.

Failure to Report Allegations by MN Board of Teaching

A group of Minnesota teachers accused of engaging in sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior with students were not reported to law enforcement according to a report.

State records reveal that 4 of the 17 unreported cases included teachers that taught in East Central Minnesota, dating back to 2002.

All 4 are no longer allowed to teach.

The Minnesota Board of Teaching did not report allegations against now-convicted former Rush City teacher Jon Hughes for criminal sexual conduct in the 1980’s and 90’s.

The board stated it is "not aware of any legal obligation" to report disciplinary action related to such allegations to law enforcement.

Pine County Sheriff’s Department Busts up Robbery in Hinckley

Early afternoon on Tuesday an attempted burglary was broken up in Hinckley.

Pine County Deputies were aided by a State Patrol helicopter and K9 unit to arrest suspects in the burglary of a cabin in Hinckley.

The suspects admitted to their involvement in the burglary and the stolen vehicle, all of which was returned to the cabin.

The suspects, from the Hinckley and Sandstone area, are both being held in the Pine County jail pending formal charges.

Chisago County Public Health Community Forum

Chisago County Public Health is hosting a community meeting to hear from citizens.

The community is encouraged to share their views on the health issues that affect their areas of living.

The main topic of discussion will be quality of life in Chisago County.

The next public meeting will be held on October 2nd at the Rush City High School Media Center from 7-8:30 pm.

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