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Suspects in Car Theft Ring Busted Near Rush City After Chase

According to the Chisago County Sheriff's Office, three suspects in a car theft ring were arrested following a high-speed pursuit that ended north of Rush City.

County deputies were deployed on a report that a car was stolen out of a homeowner's driveway in Stacy.

The stolen vehicle was located heading north in Interstate 35, and reached speeds of 105 mph during the chase.

Eventually deputies used stop sticks and a PIT maneuver to stop the pursuit, and arrested the three suspects.

Deputy Swenson and Sgt. Mahowald were the responding officers and are believed to have apprehended 3 members of a significant auto-theft ring operating in East Central Minnesota.

Here is the official release from the Chisago County Sheriff's Office:


On October 23, at 2AM in the morning, deputies responded to Stacy on a report of a car that was freshly stolen out of the caller's driveway. A perimeter was setup in the area, and the stolen vehicle was found driving north on Interstate 35. The vehicle exited at Rush City, and when deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop, the chase was on. The vehicle went back onto Interstate 35, and the pursuit topped speeds of 105mph. Deputy Swenson was able to safely deploy Stop Sticks which slowed the vehicle down. Sgt. Mahowald then successfully used a PIT maneuver on the vehicle which stopped the pursuit, resulting in the 3 suspects being taken out of the vehicle, and minimal damage to Sgt. Mahowald's squad car. The suspects are a part of a significant auto theft ring. Remember to lock your vehicles and remove valuables from inside the vehicle. Report any suspicious activity in your neighborhoods to dispatch at 651-257-4100. We are only one call away.


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