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Pine City Streets in Good Hands with Montbriand

While Pine City missed out on a foot of snow that fell over many parts of the Twin Cities area, the city’s Public Works Department always remains ready.

Pine City Public Works Supervisor Maury Montbriand (mont-bree-ond) keeps a watchful eye on the forecast in the event that a storm does roll through. Montbriand has served as supervisor for eight years in Pine City, and recalled one storm from 2013 that was the worst he's seen.

“I remember in 2013 there was a fairly large event that was about 16 inches. So that took us a little over eight hours to clean up, and then we came in the next morning also and touched up," he said.

He added that one of the only issues they face while plowing, is citizens leaving their garbage cans out.

“Depending on the day, sometimes garbage cans are an issue for us now as they get closer to the curb lines. Other than that, we're typically out in the middle of the night and we start at 3 when we have an event that's large enough to warrant going out," said Montbriand.

For the average snowstorm, Montbriand said it only takes roughly five hours to clear Pine City Streets.

(picture courtesy Pine City official website)

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