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Chisago County Arrests and Auto Thefts Increased in 2017

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office released its 2017 numbers, and most increased over 2016.

The most shocking statistic in the bunch is auto thefts, of which 32 occurred- an 88% increase over the previous year. Property crimes, arrests, and traffic stops all saw an increase over the previous year as well.

The county jail also saw an increase in bookings, up 225 over 2016.

The total numbers are as follows, and do not include local police departments in the county (North Branch, Wyoming, Lindstrom, and Chisago City).

All stats are compared to 2016 crime stats.


Property Crimes: 261 (14% increase)

Part 1 Crimes: 255 (14% increase)

Arrests: 648 (15% increase)

Traffic Stops: 4,350 (1% increase)

Citations from Traffic Stops: 1,230 (26% decrease)

Thefts: 127 (21% increase)

Auto Thefts: 32 (88% increase)


Average daily population was 51.5 inmates

Jail booked 2,034 people (compared to 1,809)


Received 1,498 911 calls and 4,521 administrative calls in the month of December.

(photo courtesy Chisago County Sheriff's Office on Facebook)

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