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8-Year-old hit by Snowmobiler on Chisago Lake Dies in Hospital

Last Friday night an 8-year-old and his father were hit by a snowmobiler on Chisago Lake, and now the child has died in medical care.

8-year-old Alan Geisenkoetter Jr. died Wednesday night following head trauma from the crash, amongst other serious injuries. The family posted Wednesday night on the boy's Caring Bridge Site that he'd passed away.

From their latest entry Wednesday night:

"Life changed today.... We met with the care team this morning. Alan's brain damage was way worse than any of us thought. Most of his brain was damaged. There was never a day we thought we would have to make a decision like this, the hardest decision we've ever made. Little Alan got his angel wings today.

Alan J. Geisenkoetter 11/02/09 - 1/31/2018"

Alan Geisenkoetter and his son Alan Jr. were setting up their ice house on Chisago Lake Friday night when Eric Joseph Coleman allegedly ran into the two. He's currently being charged with Criminal Vehicular Operation - Great Bodily Harm Under the Influence, Criminal Vehicular Operation - Bodily Harm, and DWI.

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