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Family Looking for Law Change After Son is Killed by Snowmobiler

The family of the 8-year-old boy who died last week after being hit by a snowmobile on Chisago Lake is calling for a law change.

Alan Geisenkoetter Jr. died in medical care late last week after a man who admitted to drinking before operating a snowmobile crashed into the boy and his father. 45-year-old Eric Coleman was arrested and charged in the crash. Court documents then revealed that Coleman’s license had previously been revoked.

Now, the Geisenkoetter family is hoping lawmakers will take a second glance at the current laws in place surrounding who exactly is allowed to operate the machines.

In Minnesota a current and valid driver's license is not required to operate a snowmobile. In an interview from KSTP, the boy's mother thinks a law change is in order.

"I think the laws in Minnesota should be harsher than they are," Ellie Geisenkoetter said. "There's no reason he should've been on a motor vehicle."

Coleman is now facing new charges after the boy's passing: criminal vehicular homicide, criminal vehicular operation and drunken driving.

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