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Substance Use Among Chisago County Teens on the Rise

According to a recent survey substance use among Chisago County teens is on the rise.

A report from The Post Review stated that the Drug Free Chisago County Coalition polled 1,291 students in the study, which was made up of 6th, 9th and 12th graders.

The anonymous survey asked students what they thought about risk of substances, level of parental disapproval, peer pressure, if they’d ever used a substance, and if they'd used one in the last 30 days. The past 30 day use patterns in the 2017-18 study all saw a spike including in tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drug use.

Arguably the most alarming statistic was alcohol use in high school seniors going up from 30 to 48%.

It was also made clear that while the results are headed the wrong way, it will take more years of data to see if the numbers are a trend or an outlier

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