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Pine City Rep. Rarick Focuses on Broadband to Start Session

The Minnesota State Legislature is back in session this week, and Pine City representative Jason Rarick gave a preview of what’s in store this session.

Rarick said he’ll be focusing on many issues, including the broadband internet issue that he’s recently received many questions about.

“An issue we've been hearing a lot about that we really need to start focusing on is the broadband issue for rural Minnesota. Making sure we get caught up and people have that internet coverage that they need."

Pine City’s representative also mentioned the Harris rest stop that’s still under construction.

“We'll find out what's going on with that rest stop in Harris and how we can get to that level of spending on a rest area, and is that the best use of state money? Those are two questions that they really need to answer for us in how they're using taxpayer dollars.

Jason Rarick has represented Pine and parts of Kanabec counties since 2014.

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