Pine City Man Climbs 80-Foot Tree and Violates Restraining Order

A Pine City man was recently convicted for violating his restraining order in a prickly way.

40-year-old Ross Anthony Hartman of Pine City was sentenced to 21 months in prison for showing up at the protected party's property and scaling an 80-foot pine tree. The incident occurred in June of 2017 when Hartman came prepared with a rope and harness to scale the tree.

By the time deputies arrived on scene, Hartman had removed his clothes aside from a pair of shorts and began screaming at law enforcement. An ambulance, fire truck, and negotiator were all called to the scene in an attempt to remove Hartman from his coniferous perch to no avail.

After roughly two hours at the top of the pine, Hartman was coaxed into entering a tree house that was 25-feet above the ground for a bottle of water.

This was Hartman's 6th felony on record, the others include a felony domestic, fleeing police, CDTP, terroristic threats, and 5th degree drugs.

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