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Chisago County Official Charged With Criminal Vehicular Homicide

A Chisago County Commissioner is being charged in relation to a motor vehicle crash in 2017.

Lora Walker is being charged with criminal vehicular homicide after she allegedly drove the wrong way on I-35 near Rush City last March and struck oncoming traffic.

The crash took the life of 62-year-old Gary Brisky, whose family also intends to file a suit.

According to the criminal complaint, numerous drivers attempted to alert Walker after she erroneously began traveling northbound in the southbound lane of I-35. Some drivers who witnessed Walker driving noted that she seemed to be laughing and smiling as she weaved through traffic upwards of 80 mph. Another driver who was in the northbound lane across from Walker noted she did not apply her brakes as she maneuvered between vehicles.

It appeared Brisky attempted to swerve prior to impact with Walker's vehicle but was killed on impact.

Walker is diabetic and despite her past driving issues, at the time of the crash she was operating with a legal license and drove regularly.

To avoid conflict of interest, the case was investigated by the state patrol and the Mille Lacs County Attorney’s office handed down the charge.

More on the criminal report can be found by clicking here.

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