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Braham PD Chief: No Funds for School Resource Officer

Tuesday night the Braham Police Department held its first community and police forum to discuss placing an officer in Braham Schools.

Braham Police Chief Eric Baumgart said funding is currently holding them back.

“I would like one tomorrow, but we can't. The funding is just not available in the city, and equally I don't think the school has it either. Very recently some politicians started getting their heads together and I think we're going to come up with some funding to do this. "

However, Baumgart isn't seeking short term funding for a limited position that could run out.

"I'm not going to keep promises I can't keep. I don't want to start things that we can't fund long term. It's not going to do us any good to start something that's going to fizzle out after two years."

In the meantime, officers have a work space in the high school that they’ll be stationed at periodically.

"It's going to be a start, it's going to be useful. It may prevent a disaster or a tragedy- and that's my goal. I think that the times call for it."

Baumgart was sworn in back in January, and plans on making an emphasis on connecting with the community through outreach and events. In the near future, he'll be making a monthly appearance on the 100.9 Cool Country Morning Show with Joshua Miron.

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