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Chisago County Sheriff Shares Video of Woman Attacking Squad Car

A video of a woman jumping onto a Chisago County Sheriff squad car is now making the rounds.

The video was initially taken in December of 2016. In it, Chisago County's Sgt. Edmonds pulls his squad car up to a woman walking down a dirt road at night.

As soon as he stops, the woman charges his and jumps on the hood of his car and brandishes a box cutter.

Sgt. Edmonds reverses his car and throws it in park to knock the suspect onto the windshield in order to arrest her.

A second utility knife and blades were found in the suspects pockets. Sgt. Edmonds was wearing gloves during the arrest and noticed multiple cuts on them from the altercation.

In a facebook post, the Chisago County Sheriff's Office said, "We share this story and video to show you the dangers and erratic behaviors law enforcement deals with on any given day or night. Sgt. Edmonds didn’t notice the knife in her hand right away as she was jumping on the hood."

The suspect was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing legal process and damage to property. The charges for disorderly conduct and obstructing legal process were later dropped. She was only convicted of damage to property..

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