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Jason Rarick Gains Republican Party Endorsement for District 11 Senate Race

Minnesota State Representative Jason Rarick has secured the endorsement from the Republican Party for the Senate District 11 race.

In a statement from the Republican Party of Minnesota, Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said, "Rep. Rarick has worked tirelessly to make our state better for future generations and is well-positioned to flip this Senate seat due to impressive experience leading this district."

Rarick beat out Justin Krych, Pine City Mayor Carl Pederson, and Matthias Shir of Pine City for the endorsement.

At a January 9 press conference in Cloquet, Krych announced he will be withdrawing from the race.

Pederson and Shir both withdrew from the race as well.

During a Wednesday interview with WCMP, Rep. Rarick said that he would be the only Republican name on the ballot for the primary election.

The primary election will take place on Tuesday, January 22 with the special election taking place on Tuesday, February 5.

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