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Allina Health Selects Location of the New Cambridge Medical Center

From Allina Health:

Allina Health is pleased to announce that it has chosen a site for the new Cambridge Medical Center. After months of research and planning, the site selected for Cambridge Medical Center’s new facilities will be located between Highway 65 and Xylite Street Northeast, just north of Highway 95.

“From the start of our planning process, we knew the importance of keeping the new hospital within the city of Cambridge and the role location plays in providing convenient, accessible care for the community,’” said Cambridge Medical Center president Josh Shepherd. “The new location, about two miles from our current site and just off Highway 65, meets this important goal.”

Kraus-Anderson has been selected as the general contractor for the project. Allina Health and Kraus-Anderson have partnered on many projects including the recent renovation of Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids. Kraus-Anderson is one of the nation’s premier commercial general contractors and construction managers with an extensive history in healthcare construction.

“St. Paul-based BWBR Architects will be our design partners for the new medical center,” Shepherd said. “The 100-year-old firm has extensive health care facility design experience and will be a valuable collaborator as we design a new medical center that will serve as a model for innovation as we reimagine how care is delivered in our community.”

The location selection is an exciting step forward for the project, and Allina Health will continue to engage with the community as we work our way through the local and state regulatory processes. All services will rem ain operational at the existing campus until the new medical center opens, which is expected in 2025.

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