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Board Approves Naming Lake in Northern Pine County

Pine County approved the naming of Bloom Lake during its second meeting in February.

Rick Bloom first petitioned the county in 2021 about naming the nine-acre body of water, located in Nickerson Township, after his dad Walter Bloom.

According to information provided by Rick, Walter was born in Nickerson Township and owned land around the lake for 40 years until he died in 2006. The Bloom family still lives on that property, which holds the only footpath to the lake, and the Blooms have fished the lake for the last 87 years.

A public hearing was set for February 21 before the county board officially approved a resolution naming the lake.

"When my dad was a kid, they use to call it Mud Lake," Rick told the County Board. "When I was away in the service, people started calling it Wally's Lake after my dad."

Rick joked that he knew "Wally's Lake" would become "Walleye Lake" even though there are no walleye in the lake itself. Eventually, they landed on calling the body of water Bloom Lake.

The lake sits among several other bodies of water named after local families near the headwaters of the Nemadji River.

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