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Braham Woman Charged with Assault

A Braham woman is facing charges after she allegedly pointed a handgun at two men.

According to the criminal complaint, the Pine County Sheriff’s Office was called to a Braham residence on July 22, with the report of a woman identified as Marcia Wroolie pointing a handgun at two men, identified at T.A. and H.A.

Wroolie claimed that T.A. was her boyfriend.

During a conversation with a Pine County Sheriff’s Deputy, T.A. said he was drinking with his neighbor when Wroolie came out of the house with a .22 caliber handgun. She reportedly pointed the gun at T.A. and demanded that he return home. He reportedly told Wroolie that he would go home after he finished his drink. T.A. showed deputies text messages from Wroolie that said, "I'm coming with my gun!! I've had it!!"

Wroolie told deputies that she had a firearm under her bed, and law enforcement later located a .22 caliber handgun where she said they would find it.

She told deputies that she went to the neighbor's with a handgun to get T.A.'s attention because he was not texting her back.

Wroolie claimed she did not point the gun at anyone, and it was unloaded and had not been fired in over a decade.

She has been charged with two counts of felony second-degree assault, misdemeanor domestic assault, and two counts of misdemeanor intentionally pointing a firearm.

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