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Burnett County Board Approves Amendments to Limit Campgrounds

The Burnett County Board of Supervisors approved campground limits during their meeting held on Tuesday, April 19.

The discussion around campgrounds in the county has been a focus for months after the board passed on certain measures when voting on the zoning issues last fall. They planned to further amend zoning regulations after more work was done by the Land Use and Information Committee.

The changes proposed for the full board included a 150-unit cap, removing 25-unit campgrounds from areas zoned RR-3, and setting a density of five campers per developable acre.

This followed a public hearing over the proposed amendments held by the committee during a meeting on April 5.

As the amendments were discussed, Land Use and Information Committee Vice-Chair Supervisor Craig Conroy said that he expects the board to revisit this issue in the future.

"My position is we should go with what we have now. It's a work in progress. If we find something that needs more attention, we can come back."

The amendments were passed by the county board with one supervisor voting against.

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