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Can I Fix It?

I like to pride myself in my ability to fix just about anything....

Now is it fixed the right way? No probably not, but that doesn't stop me from possibly burning down the house in the process of accomplishing a task of fixing something I probably have to business touching.

This week it involves an electric dryer that stopped working. I recall my roommates in college hang drying clothes for a full year because the dryer didn't work and after a little research I didn't realize the technology behind the dryer it isn't that complex.

I tried to diagnose the problem on the dryer myself last night but couldn't find any issue in any of the parts so I elected to go with the.... replace everything and see what happens!

Will it every work again? Who knows, but secretly I enjoy the randomness of things that break because it gives my brain the thought fuel it desires.

If you see me walking around town with a wet shirt... No I didn't jump into the high bacteria water... I just didn't get the dryer fixed

- Joshua

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