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Chris's Food Center Wins 2024 Minnesota Grown Retailer of the Year

Sandstone grocery store Chris’ Food Center has been named a Minnesota Grown Retailer of the Year by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) and Minnesota Grocers Association (MGA). 

This is not the first time they have won this award for their efforts. Co-owner Kristee Thorvig said they have won this award every year since 2017. 

A testament to their community partnerships, Thorvig says they work hard to promote locally grown produce.

"We have a lot of really great local growers around here, so when they bring pumpkins, corn, lettuce, and all kinds of great locally sourced product, we are able to highlight their products and showcase it for everybody," Thorvig told WCMP.

Judging for the award includes how many Minnesota Grown products are featured by the grocer and how many Minnesota Grown farmers and producers the grocer sources. 

Chris’ Foods was one of seven grocers recognized by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for their work.

“We commend these seven grocers for their creative efforts to promote fresh, local foods from Minnesota Grown members,” MDA Commissioner Thom Petersen said in a press release. “When consumers have the chance to eat more foods grown and produced by their neighbors, it benefits Minnesota’s farmers, grocers, and communities.”

Thorvig said this award is a confirmation of their continued support of local producers.

"We're just proud to support local people," said Thorvig. "We're about community, we're about small town, and it's a great complement to all the local growers and vendors that we have in the area.

Picture taken in 2022 during the best bagger competition by Joe Keyport.

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