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Dragons Football Suffers Setback Against Esko

The Dragons made their way up to Esko on Friday night.

Pine City started the game with the ball first but couldn't move the ball downfield, which resulted in a punt. Only a few plays later Esko would score what would prove to be one of many touchdowns. The second drive was a three and out, and again Esko found the endzone only a few plays later. Towards the end of the 1st quarter the Dragons seemed to find the breakthrough they needed. Senior Quarterback Bryce Erickson threw a pass to fellow senior Mason Charles, who snagged it with one hand and slipped into Esko territory before being escorted out of bounds. The feel of the game had suddenly shifted and Pine city had life. Three plays later though the drive stalled and they found themselves caught on fourth down again and giving the ball back to Esko. The Eskomos wasted no time scoring and had a large lead 21-0 at the end of one.

The second quarter saw Esko dump more points onto their lead as the Dragons struggled to move the ball offensively. The Dragons would head into halftime down 49-0.

The 2nd half was much of the same for both sides, Esko added onto their lead and the Dragons couldn't move the ball. As the game dragged on backups from both sides entered the game. And for Pine City the younger guys showed a lot of promise. Ayden Ostenson grabbed plenty carries late in the game and made the most of them as he helped the Dragons reach Esko territory. Though they were stopped on downs the 2nd and 3rd stringers for the Dragons played hard. Esko knelt out the rest of the clock taking the win 70-0.

Pine City falls to 1-3 on the season and will travel to Proctor on Friday night.

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