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ECE Asks Customers to Curb Energy Usage Amid High Temps

With the scorcher of the week we are expected to endure, East Central Energy is asking customers to cut back on energy use through Wednesday.

The energy provider asks customers to only run appliances early in the morning or later in the evening, consider turning the thermostat up a few degrees, and keep curtains closed on the sunny side of your home.

ECE says this is to help save on energy costs as demand for electricity goes up.

"On really hot days like this, people are running their air conditioners and the load on the grid goes up," President Justin Jahnz said. "That doesn't mean we are on the brink of failure. It just means prices are going to be high today."

Jahnz touched on this topic during a conversation with Q-Media Group last week. You can listen to that interview below.

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