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Greater Pine Area Endowment Opens Fall Grant Submissions

From the Greater Pine Area Endowment:

The Greater Pine Area Endowment invites local non-profit organizations to submit grant requests for the upcoming fall review date. The deadline for submission of grant applications is Midnight on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

“This will be our second round of applications for the current year, and we are hoping to spend the remaining dollars in the 2022 grant fund to help benefit the community,” says Vice-Chairman Nancy Mach. “We are looking for new organizations to apply for these funds to see them distributed to our non-profits to support events and programming that benefit the entire community.”

Recently grants have been awarded to the City of Pine City for the Hilltop Recreation Area building, the Pine County Master Gardeners for the re-development of Rotary Park into the Discovery Garden, and a new portable sound system and microphones for the Pine City Heritage Players. “The goals for the advisory board members is to impact as many projects and organizations in the community as they can each year,” said Becky Schueller, Executive Assistant for the GPAE. “The long-term benefits to the community and its residents really make this a group that I’m proud to work with.”

The Greater Pine Area Endowment Fund was created in 1992 and is one of the Community Funds administered by the Initiative Foundation. A local advisory board reviews all applications and makes recommendations for final approval. Eligible organizations are 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, schools, or units of government located within the ISD 578 school district boundaries. Special considerations are made for organizations that are located outside of those boundaries, but can clearly demonstrate how their project will impact the residents that reside within ISD 578.

The Pine Endowment has directed priorities for the current year for economic or community development projects. For economic development projects, funding will be considered for projects that lead to quality job creation or high-tech employment. Projects that promote community pride and quality of life through environmental stewardship and community beautification would be considered under the community development category. The GPAE will also consider proposals that positively impact the housing, safety, employment, and other needs of the more vulnerable members of the community including youth, the elderly, and those who are low-income.

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