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Hinckley City Council Approves Water Shut-off Policy

The Hinckley City Council approved a water shut-off policy during its meeting on Tuesday.

The changes are a part of Hinckley’s water and sewer code to prevent large overdue bills and lost revenue for water and sewer funds.

The policy originally proposed shutting off any account that is more than $100 overdue, but the council had some leeway with the amount they set.

"In Braham and Cambridge, they had the amount set at $200," Interim Administrator Linda Woulfe told the council. "I do not recommend anything higher than that. $200 is a lot to recover from."

The amount was later increased to $150 to give residents more room if they receive higher bills.

Woulfe said the City hung 17 shut-off notices earlier this month, which totaled around $19,000 in unpaid utility fees.

Residents who are behind can set up payment plans in person at Hinckley City Hall or contact Lakes and Pines for assistance.

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