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MSHSL Approved Changes to the Fall Sports Season

In their Tuesday board meeting the MSHSL approved some changes for the upcoming sports season.

Girls tennis, cross country, and swimming/diving have been cleared for this fall with a few restrictions:

Limit of 3 teams in cross country events

Limit 2 teams in tennis and swim/dive

Limit 1-2 events per week per team

Girls and boys soccer is a go for this fall. MSHSL board votes to start soccer practices on Aug. 17 (as scheduled) with 20% reduction in weeks, 30% reduction in number of competitions, no scrimmages, 1-2 games per week. Decision on postseason events to be determined.

The MSHSL board voted down the original motion to move volleyball to the winter or spring. The board also voted against a motion to start the season on schedule. Then they revisited the motion of moving to the spring and after further discussion approved the plan to move volleyball to the spring. This "spring season" would take place from mid-March to mid-May.

The MSHSL voted to play football in the spring. The motion passed by a 13-5 vote. More details to come.

Volleyball and football will still be allowed to hold practices in the fall.

The MSHSL is in the process of creating four hybrid seasons that will have very little overlap allowing students to still play the spring sports.

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