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One Dead Following Drowning in Burnett County Wisconsin

A 38-year-old St. Paul man is dead following a drowning on Warner Lake in Burnett County, Wisconsin.

According to Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch, Patrick R. Theiler was swimming on the lake on Monday when the group he was with noticed that he was missing. A first responder launched a drone and found the missing swimmer approximately 10 to 15 feet from the end of a dock.

Life-saving measures were attempted but Theiler was declared dead at the scene.

During a conversation with WCMP, Sheriff Finch stressed the importance of water safety.

"Don't go swimming alone, and if you're going swimming with others, please keep an eye on each other. If you notice that the other party is not within your sight, go looking for them right away."

This is the second drowning in Burnett County this year.

You can listen to Sheriff Finch talk more about the incident below.

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