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Pine City Act on Alzheimer's to Hold a Revitalization Meeting on Tuesday

A Pine City Committee that worked to provide education and support for people and their families suffering from Alzheimer's will be holding a revitalization meeting this coming Tuesday.

Natalie Mathewson with the Central Minnesota Council on Aging says the group started to make Pine City a dementia-friendly community.

"It's a community that works together. It's usually community members and community professionals that have an interest in learning about and supporting those that are living with Alzheimer's, or dementia-related diseases, and those that care for them."

The committee works with caregivers, emergency responders, and community members to offer education and awareness to better help people suffering from the disease.

Formed in 2015, Pine City ACT on Alzheimer's was put on hold due to the covid pandemic.

Despite not meeting for the past few years, Pine City community member Mary Kay Sloan says she still gets calls from people in need.

"We kind of lost our committee, so we need to revitalize a group of people. I still get calls from people looking for help. I know of a lot of resources that I can use to help them, but we need to expand that."

On Tuesday, April 19, PC Act on Alzheimer’s is having a meeting from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Pine City Hall to explore bringing the group back. Anyone in the surrounding community who is looking to help or is personally affected by the disease is welcome to attend.

WCMP got a chance to sit down and chat with both Natalie and Mary Kay about the committee. You can listen to the conversation below.

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