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Pine City Ambassador Program Returns for 2021

The Pine City Ambassador program will return for 2021 with a few changes.

The changes include:

  • Limiting the number of candidates in the Senior and Junior program to 20 in each group. This is due to expanding eligibility to confirmed senior applicants from the 2020 program and kindergarteners or first graders who completed the 2021-2021 school year.

  • Each candidate will be asked to secure a single sponsorship for the duration of the candidate program. Businesses that are not able to sponsor a candidate, but would like to contribute to the scholarship can contact Becky at 320-322-4040 for details.

  • They will hold several activities over the course of six weeks instead of a full week of activities for candidates.

The program's delayed start was due to the loss of several committee members.

“We are grateful to team members like Mary Ellen Sauser, Dihanna Fedder, Sheila Hughes, Kris Pederson, Darcey Stransky, and Krista Martin for the leadership and experience they have provided over the years," said Becky Schueller, Executive Director for the Pine City Area Chamber of Commerce. "The loss of these valuable committee members required us to delay the start of the program and begin recruitment efforts for a new committee.”

Applications are due by Friday, July 16, and can be found on the Pine City Chamber of Commerce website.

Coronation will be held on Saturday, August 22.

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