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Pine City Council Approve Financial Request to Update Display at Pine County History Museum

The Pine City Council approved a financial request to update the Pine City display at the Pine County History Museum in Askov.

The request was presented by Don Stoffel of the Pine County Historical Society, who is working on updating the exhibit along with the Pine City Historical Society.

He is now able to utilize a bigger space in the museum to better tell Pine City's story.

"I got a little more space that I can work with and use to talk about the uniqueness of Pine City," Stoffel told WCMP.

The exhibit will feature six photo collage boards that showcase different pieces of the city's history, including places like the old courthouse as well as historic businesses and buildings that can still be seen today.

The council approved the $300 request during its Thursday, December 16 meeting. Stoffel says that he hopes to have everything put together by early next year.

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