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Pine City Teachers Gather During Board Meeting to Spotlight Importance of Public Education

Last night's Pine City School Board meeting looked a little different as it was filled with a sea of teachers wearing red shirts sporting the slogan "#redfored" or "Red for Education."

No teachers spoke during the meeting, but a statement provided by Jason Rademacher, President of the Pine City Education Association, provided insight into their organizing on Monday, December 13.

"Everyone knows what a difficult three years it has been for our schools, our students, and our teachers. We are here at the school board meeting tonight, united in our ask of the district to have our voices heard. The teachers in Pine City are asking the district for a fair contract that is good for our families and community and honors the work we have done and will continue to do."

The shirts are a part of a statewide campaign that focuses on the importance of public education in Minnesota.

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