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Pine City Tennis Results from Aitkin and Hibbing

Here are the results from the Dragons trip to Aitkin on Friday.



No. 1 - Madisen Berglund, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Breanna Hines, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-2 , 6-0 , -;

No. 2 - Allison Unverzagt, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Macy Paulbeck, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-1 , 6-3 , -;

No. 3 - Brooke Boland, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Madi Lehrer, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-4 , 6-3 , -;

No. 4 - Lena Roubinek, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Bailey Gabrio, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-4 , 6-2 , -;


No. 1 - Ella Sell, PINE CITY SECONDARY - Sophia Lahti, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Ashlyn Berg, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL - Samantha Much, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-0 , 6-0 , -;

No. 2 - Addison Sell, PINE CITY SECONDARY - Malia Mikyska, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Sophie Ryan, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL - Katelyn Welle, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-1 , 6-1 , -;

No. 3 - Youngbauer Brenna, PINE CITY SECONDARY - Claire Emmons, PINE CITY SECONDARY def. Alex Brucker, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL - Kayli Bill, AITKIN SECONDARY SCHOOL, 6-2 , 6-1

And here's more from coach Kristin Unverzagt.

The Dragon tennis team traveled to Aitkin this past Friday for a strong 7-0 finish on our way to Hibbing for the Hibbing Invitational. The line was mixed up a bit for this match to help the girls continue to improve their game and push them to improve each time they step on the court. I was proud of how each player took a lead with their position, played well, and executed a successful match. The team is getting stronger each time we step on the court and their hard work and flexibility is contributing to the success of our season so far.

The tradition continued as we played in the annual Hibbing Invitational on Saturday.

The Dragon girls came out strong to finish one point behind Stillwater for a 2nd place finish. It is great for the team to see schools that they have not played before. The JV also had a quad in Pine City and swept all 3 matches!

The Dragons are working hard and have a lot to be proud of! Varsity hosts Foley on Tuesday in Pine City and the JV will travel to Foley as we continue to move through our conference play this season. Go Dragons!

Hibbing Team Results: Stillwater: 28 points Pine City: 27 points Bemidji: 23 points Hibbing: 20 points Virginia: 15 points Grand Rapids/Greenway: 8 points Duluth East: 6 points Eveleth-Gilbert: 6 points

Hibbing Individual Results: 1st Singles- Ella Sell: 2nd place 2nd Singles-Addison Sell: 3rd place 3rd Singles -Brooke Boland: 3rd place 4th Singles - Lena Roubinek/Lily Struss: 4th place 1st Doubles-Maddie Berglund/Allison Unverzagt - 3rd place 2nd Doubles-Sophie Lahti/Claire Emmons: 1st place

3rd Doubles-Rhaya Merrick/Brenna Youngbauer/Malia Mikyska -1st place

Photo Credit: Kristin Unverzagt

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