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Pine City Trap Update

Here's a Dragon trap shooting update from George Johnson from this past Sunday!

Pine City High School Trap Team Results for Competitive Week 5


Sunday’s fifth and final week of competitive shooting saw some of the best results in the history of the Pine City High School Trap Shooting Team.  Excellent weather provided optimum shooting conditions, and an impressive 11 shooters scored at the coveted varsity level of 38 out of 50 clays.  Coach Pat Carl said, “Give the kids some nice weather and they shoot like rock stars.”  Coach Pete Leibel added, “The kids are getting their rhythm down and are showing excellent improvement in their scores.”  Remarkably, every one of Sunday’s team leaders beat their season averages.  Austin Gariepy led the team with a score of 46; Tyler Mohr with 45 and Ryan Carl with 44 were close on his heels.  Gavin Broz turned in another outstanding performance, hitting 43 targets.  He and Tyler Mohr currently lead the team in total points.  Talen Reitan scored a 42, followed by Milo Babolik, Bryer Berube, and Nate Burns with 40.  Levi Heineman contributed his best performance of the season with a 39, and Brodie Poorker  and Evan Benolken both scored 38.  Macie Babolik had the top score for the girls with 37 hits.  Several athletes had personal best rounds, like Emma Altmann who scored 34 of 50 clays and Dani Holmstrom, who nailed 19 of 25 targets in one round.  Head coach Brendt Nelson commented, “This is the best the kids have shot.  It’s nice to see how they have progressed through the season.”  The team will take Memorial Weekend off and then 38 shooters will begin preparing for the state tournament in Alexandria.  

The Dragons enjoyed some excellent senior leadership from Gavin Broz, Ethan Doenz, Oscar Gribauval, Brady Johnson, Tyler Mohr, and Brody Tayerle.  Most have been with the team throughout their junior and senior high school years.  The coaching staff thanks them for their dedication and wishes them the best in their future endeavors.

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