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Pine County to Host Opioid Forum on Wednesday

Pine County Public Health will be holding a public forum about the opioid crisis the county is currently facing later this week.

Pine County's Community Health Services Administrator Samantha Lo told WCMP that Public Health was contacted by the Pine County Sheriff's Office looking for assistance since they are seeing an increase in both fatal and non-fatal overdoses this year.

"They came to us and asked what can we be doing differently," Lo said. "One of the strategies we identified was trying to get more knowledge out into the community.

Those attending the forum will hear from the drug task force on the impacts of opioids, specifically in Pine County. Lo said other speakers will address the causes of addiction issues and how the county can support families and those addicted better.

There will also be recourses on hand for addiction, recovery, and mental health for community members to connect with.

"We have about 20 different vendors coming that are all local resources that people can talk to," Lo told WCMP.

The forum will be held from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26, at the Hinckley Grand Casino.

The forum is free to attend, but you need to preregister through the Pine County website.

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