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Proposed Weight Room Project Present to Pine City School Board

The Pine City School Board heard a request to support fundraising efforts for an updated weight room during their December meeting.

Dubbed the “worst weight room in the state” by staff members, teacher James Foster told the board that the current weight room is over-cramped and in need of changes.

"I was a student here at the Pine City High School, and the weight room has been in need for a very, very, very long time," Foster told the board.

Foster told the board that stronger and healthier high school athletes can lead to fewer injuries throughout a season. Beyond sports, the changes would make the space a better classroom too.

"The room is certainly not ADA compliant. You could not get a wheelchair around in there... it is very difficult as a coach to get a large group of kids in there because it is so cramped."

Foster said he worked with coaches, staff, and industry professionals to put together a proposal that would best utilize the space. The updates include new multi-use equipment and padded tiles to cover the current concrete floor.

The updates will cost around $68,000, with $22,000 being earmarked for the floor alone. Foster says he’s reaching out to local businesses and organizations to assist in funding along with grants.

The goal is to get the project done before the end of the school year.

The above picture was taken from the slideshow presented to the Pine City School Board on December 13.

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