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Rock Creek City Council discusses new public works building

The Rock Creek City Council has started discussions about constructing a new Public Works building.

According to a notice from the city, the size of the proposed maintenance facility would be just under 5,000 square feet. A sprinkler system would not be required.

The estimated cost for the project would be about $500,000. Rock Creek is eligible for a low-interest loan through ECE for about half the price tag, and has enough funds to cover the rest.

The new facility would eliminate the city’s ballfield.

Rock Creek stores equipment between its current shop, a storage building, and outside. According to the city, the current building does not meet new codes regarding ventilation, and does not have a flame trap drain, wash bay, or employee restroom.

The city hopes to use one of those buildings to house auxiliary fire equipment as a fire substation if the public works building is constructed.

A survey is open for residents to share feedback on the possibility.

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