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Rush City Caps Off Regular Season with Win Over Barnum

The Tigers boys basketball team hosted Barnum on Monday night in their regular season finale.

On paper this game looked lopsided. Barnum was a 17-7 team who was top 5 in their section and boasted the second best defense in their section. While Rush City had 5 wins and on paper their offense has struggled. But that's why games are played on the court not on paper.

Right from tip off you could tell the Tigers were on a mission. The offense, albeit a slow start to the game, was running smooth. The defense made their fair share of plays too, especially taking the ball away. They forced the Bombers into 11 turnovers in the 1st half, eight of them by way of steals. They held the lead for a majority of the 1st, but in the late stages Barnum was able to get their offense on a roll and hit two back to back three's, while also forcing turnovers. The Bombers took a 28-23 lead going into half.

Barnum started the 2nd half the way they ended the 1st, with a big three. The Tigers not to be out done quickly stormed back from a near double digit deficit to close the gap to four points. Barnum would hold a lead till the midway point of the 2nd half, when Rush City was finally able to get over the hump and tie the game. The teams would trade the lead but only for a short time. The Tigers took a three point lead and never looked back. They outscored the Bombers in the final stages 15-4 to come out victorious 63-52!

For the Tigers they'll finish the regular season on a high note and end with a 6-19 record. They are currently ranked to play Annandale in the first round of the playoffs on the road.


Rush City

Braeden Rood 14

William Volk Jr 13

Jamison Wood 10

Lukas Diedrich 8

Owen Dick 5

Matthew Kempf 4

Dimitri Trudeau and Lincoln Gullerud 3

Brayden Ertz 2

Garland Gibbs 1

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