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Siren Police Chief Charged with Sexual Assault

Siren Chief of Police Christopher Sybers has been charged with sexual assault.

The criminal complaint charging Sybers was filed in the Burnett County Courts on October 19. The Polk County Sheriff's Office handled the investigation due to a conflict of interest.

According to the complaint, investigators from the Polk County Sheriff's Office met with the victim on July 8, 2021, where she said that the incident occurred around Thanksgiving of 2020 at about 9:30 p.m.

The victim said she and her boyfriend were sitting at the Pheasant Inn in Siren when Sybers entered the bar and sat on the opposite side from where she was. The victim stated that she and her friends were nervous because they were on probation at the time and were not supposed to be in a bar or consuming alcohol. She said that she knew Sybers was the Siren Chief of Police and her stepfather was good friends with him.

The complaint went onto say that Chief Sybers acknowledged her presence and made statements such as, "You don't have to worry, I'm just a regular person today."

The victim said that Sybers followed her over to the jukebox and began a conversation about what kind of music to play. The victim stated that he commented how proud he was of her for changing her life. She remembered Sybers saying that he had taken some time off work and the victim and her friends had nothing to worry about.

The complaint stated that Sybers asked the victim for a hug, and she consented to giving him a hug. The victim stated that during the hug his right hand went down to her buttock, and she remembered feeling his hand squeezing her butt cheek. She stated that she did not give him consent to grab her buttocks.

The vicitm's boyfriend reportedly saw the incident and approached Sybers. The boyfriend was reported to have confronted Sybers about grabbing her. The victim said she began to try and calm her boyfriend down, saying that he did not know Sybers was the Police Chief.

A short time later, Sybers reportedly approached the bar where the victim was sitting and slid around $50 to her. Sybers reportedly said the money was for grabbing her butt. The victim told investigations that she felt uncomfortable, leaving a couple dollars for the bartender before taking the rest of the money and leaving the bar.

Investigators talked to the bartender who worked the night of the incident. The bartender said she did not see the groping happen but saw Sybers and the victim conversing. The bartender also remembered the victim's boyfriend confronting Sybers.

In an interview with investigators. the victim's boyfriend remembered seeing Sybers grab the victim's buttock. He also stated he saw Sybers give the victim a $50 bill and assumed it was to keep her quiet.

Sybers has been charged with misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault. If convicted, he could face a fine of not more than $10,00 or be imprisoned for not more than nine-month.

Christopher Sybers is scheduled to have an initial appearance on his charges in November 2021.

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