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Walleye Season Opens on Saturday

Scores of Anglers are expected to take to the water tomorrow for Minnesota Walleye Fishing Opener.

Despite opening about a week later than the typical mother’s day weekend opener, Mille Lacs Lake fishing guide Derek Voge says anglers should expect lower water temps but anticipates some decent fishing.

"I would expect average fishing conditions for opener," Vogue told WCMP. "We definitely have (previously) seen later ice outs and colder water temps."

Voge recommends finding spots with shallower sandy lake bottoms or creek inlets that will have warmer temperatures. If you are fishing in clearer water conditions, he also suggests getting baits away from the boat and slowing down bait presentation in order to entice fish to bite.

With the water temps being so low, the Minnesota DNR stresses the importance of lifejackets.

You must have a fishing license if you are 16 years and older. Those can be purchased online or at an approved vendor.

Photo taken by Eric Engbretson (Engbretson Underwater Photography) courtesy of the MN DNR website.

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