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Wisconsin Experiences a "Fire Season that Doesn't End"

Hot days and dry weather have led to a busy weekend of fires in Western Wisconsin.

Ben Garrett with the Wisconsin DNR calls this a fire season that doesn’t end.

"We're experiencing fire behavior that's not typical for this time of year," Garrett told WCMP. "By the time we get green up, the fire season kinda goes away out here in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it has been so dry that every little spark has created some fires."

Over the weekend, multiple acres of land and at least one structure was burned in Washburn and Burnett Counties. Investigations are underway, but it is believed that one of the fires was started by the coals from a grill.

It has been about three weeks since there has been any substantial rain. Garrett says that it's so dry that even green grass is burning.

Garrett asks the public to be extremely careful when using yard equipment, campfires, or even fireworks.

You can listen to our full conversation with Ben Garrett below.

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