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Officers Cleared in use of Deadly Force in Harris Car-Jacking

Following an investigation, all law enforcement officers who discharged their weapons in an incident in Harris last summer were cleared today.

A car-jacking that occurred in Harris back in July of 2017 led officers from multiple local agencies in pursuit of a 39-year-old Shawn Thrower, of Kinston, North Carolina. During the chase, Thrower used the Onstar communication system in his vehicle to let authorities know his daughter was in the car and that he wanted someone to pick her up.

Thrower then drove the vehicle into a soybean field, parked the car, and fled into a patch of tall grass. Once the man returned out of the grassy area, he had a firearm drawn. At that time, seven different peace officers discharged their weapons, mortally wounding Thrower.

The following officers were involved in the officer-involved shooting: Chisago County Sheriff Deputy Scotty Finnegan, Chisago County Sheriff Deputy Tom Hanson, Chisago County Investigator Cliff Sheppeck, Chisago County Sheriff Sergeant Matt Beckman, Chisago County Sergeant Jason Foster, Chisago County Sheriff Sergeant Kyle Puelston, and Minnesota State Trooper Travis Elmer.

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