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North Branch Student Found With Knife on Bus

According to school officials, a student brought a knife onto a North Branch School bus on Friday morning.

Other students on the bus alerted the driver to the fact that the student possessed a knife, the route was suspended, and the knife was taken. There were no threats made by the student and no one was injured during the incident.

The district reached out to the North Branch Police Department, who is handling the investigation.

In a letter to district families, Superintendent Deb Henton said, "North Branch Area Public Schools teaches students 'see something/say something', and is grateful to the students aboard the bus who informed the driver of the situation."

She also stressed that keeping the school secure is a partnership.

"School security is a shared effort and this is an example of students and staff working together to ensure the safety of those in our care."

It was indicated by the letter that the student has "received consequences consistent with school board policy".

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