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18-Year-Old Charged in Stabbing during the Pine County Fair

An 18-year-old is facing felony assault charges following a stabbing during the Pine County Fair last week.

According to the Pine County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to the fairgrounds around 10:00 p.m. on August 4. There, law enforcement found a juvenile male that had an obvious stab wound to his left bicep area.

According to the criminal complaint reports, the victim had been having issues with another juvenile who had reportedly stolen his vape pen. The victim told deputies that he had been messing with the juvenile and was planning on fighting him over it.

The complaint went onto say that when the victim arrived at the Voyager parking lot, he saw the suspect and two others, including the juvenile the victim said stole his vape pen. The suspect reportedly punched another juvenile in the chest before stabbing the victim in the arm twice.

The knife was described as a regular knife with a four to five-inch blade.

The victim was transported to Essentia Hospital in Sandstone and treated for his injuries. He has since been released from the hospital.

The victim and his friends identified the suspect as “Justin” and described his clothing and the direction he ran from the scene.

Deputies located the suspect walking away from the fairgrounds and noted he was sweating profusely. The victim later identified the suspect as the person who stabbed him.

He was arrested and has been charged with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor fifth-degree assault.

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