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Man Uses Grinder on Face, Wields Machete at Pine City Laundromat

On September 7th a bloody-faced man was lurking at the laundromat in Pine City wielding a machete.

The man claimed he had performed a "beauty treatment" on himself with a dremel, a power tool used for grinding. He had inflicted multiple lacerations on his face and was treated by medical personnel. He did not attempt to use the machete on others at the laundromat.

The appearance of Andrew James Hutton in the Pine County Jail Roster directly matches the injuries sustained by the man at the laundromat.

Witnesses called the Pine County Sheriff's Department and reported a man at the laundromat with a machete, with one caller saying the man had blood on his face. Hutton wasn't arrested for his appearance at the laundromat, but was later taken in on burglary charges in an unrelated incident on September 9th.

He's currently being held at the Pine County Jail on a $20,000 bail.

Editor: WCMP News is assuming the identity of the man from the call at the laundromat to be Hutton based on his appearance in the Pine County Jail Roster. The Pine County Sheriff's Department did not claim that Hutton was the individual at the laundromat. WCMP News apologizes for any confusion.

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