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Hinckley Cabin Burglary Suspects Arrested

From the Pine County Sheriff's Office:




SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

On September 26th at 1:37 PM Pine County deputies were dispatched to an alarm at a cabin on Hunter Rd west of Hinckley. The first responding officer located a known to be stolen vehicle parked at the driveway gate and observed two males running off into the woods. Additional officers responded and a perimeter was set in the area. K-9 and a State Patrol helicopter came in to help search the swampy/wooded area where the two suspects were last seen running.

One suspect was apprehended about two hours later as he attempted to run across the Mu

nger bike trail where a deputy and trooper were positioned. The second suspect was apprehended about two hours after that after he also came out onto the bike trail where a deputy was watching. Both suspects, during interviews, admitted their involvement in the cabin burglary and the stolen vehicle. Property stolen from the cabin was recovered. Additional charges may be filed as well based on other cases that are being followed up on.

The suspects, from the Hinckley and Sandstone area, are both being held in the Pine County jail pending formal charges and arraignment.


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