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Car Launched Airborne into Cornfield in Pine City

Car Launched Airborne into Cornfield in Pine City

A single car crash in Pine City Tuesday afternoon occurred when a driver went into the ditch and was launched into a cornfield.

With the combined speed and elevation of the embankment involved, the car was sent sailing over the edge of the cornfield on County Road 11 invisible to passers-by.

Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson said it was one of the most memorable things he’d seen in the county.

The driver of that vehicle was airlifted to receive treatment.

North Branch Area Schools Youth Program

A popular youth program through North Branch Area Schools is back in action.

The Youth Connections program will offer childcare for families in the morning only, and will accept students ages 3 through the completion 6th grade.

The fee structure features will be the same as the North Branch School Age Care, and services will be provided through the end of the school year.

Youth Connections will be located at St. John’s Lutheran Church, which is just east of the intersection of County Road (CR) 30 and CR 19.

The program will begin October 24th.

Coffee with Cops Introduces new Chief in Braham

An upcoming event in Braham will introduce the new police chief and also interact with the public.

Coffee with Cops will have Chief Baumgart, Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith, and more.

The event will give the chance to have a cup of coffee and ask questions.

Coffee and Cops is October 25th at 9 am at the Park Cafe in Braham.

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