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Rush City Fairview Clinic to Close

In a surprising turn of events, the Fairview Clinic of Rush City is expected to close this spring. 

In a Facebook message, the clinic indicated that they will indeed be closing their Rush City location this spring (2018).  

In addition, it was noted that a letter will be sent to current patients about how they can continue receiving care at one of their other area clinics. It's assumed that the Pine City and North Branch clinics will take on the bulk of patients who now receive care at the Rush City location.  

As of now, it is unclear why the clinic is choosing to close. 

The full message from Fairview Clinics: 

"Plans are still being finalized, but we anticipate closing in the spring and caring for our Rush City patients at one of our nearby clinics in Pine City, North Branch, Wyoming or Chisago City. When more information is known, patients will get a letter about continuing their care at one of our other Lakes area clinics."

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