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Flash Flooding Slams Cities Across East Central Minnesota

Citizens across east central Minnesota were in for a rude awakening on Thursday morning.

The Storms

Just before dawn, storms began to pound the region relentlessly causing flooding in homes, businesses and roadways. Despite the rain letting up at times, a flood warning is still in effect across the area through the afternoon.

Rainfall estimates from the National Weather Service depict anywhere from 4 to 7 inches of rain. Mora was hit especially hard, where the Snake River rose nearly four feet in five hours.


Flood relief is being offered by the Lakes and Pines Community Action Council. Their Mora office is handing out buckets with supplies to help dry out basements for free, thanks to the Salvation Army.

Anyone looking to volunteer to lay sandbags or transport them should head to the Kanabec County Highway Department off of Howe Avenue.

Community Photos

Have photos from the flooding? Once you're in a safe area, send them to and they'll be added to this article with full credit to the photographer.

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