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Law Enforcement Remind Drivers of Rules Regarding School Buses

Tuesday was the first day of school for many students in Minnesota.

Local law enforcement across the state took to social media and other outlets to remind drivers to be careful of school buses.

The Office of Traffic Safety reports that more children die outside of school buses than they do as occupants. There is a 15 foot space around school buses referred to as the "Danger Zone" because that is where is most of these deaths occur.

Minnesota state law requires vehicles must stop at least 20 feet from a school bus when its stop arm is out and it's red lights are flashing. This allows drives and students the ability to see each other and cross the street safely.

Vehicles are prohibited from passing on the right-hand side of a bus when its lights are flashing and stop arm is out.

Drivers that violate these rules are guilty of a misdemeanor and will be given a minimum $500 fine. The fine was increased by the Department of Public Safety in 2017.

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