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Pine County Passes Social Host Ordinance

The Pine County board has passed an ordinance that will make it a crime to knowingly allow minors to drink alcohol on your property.

The ordinance works to close the loophole in the state's furnishing alcohol to a minor statute by charging property owners who let minors drink on their land with a misdemeanor. It holds property owners accountable and is more effective than ticketing minors for consumption.

The Social Host ordinance was the work of The Pine County Chemical Health Coalition and Pine County Attorney Reese Frederickson.

Frederickson told WCMP that he hopes to prevent places where minors will get introduced to alcohol and other substances. "Research has shown that many juveniles are introduced to alcohol and drug use in event/party situations through peer pressure; this will help prevent those situations," said Frederickson.

The ordinance still allows for a minor to possess and consume alcohol under the supervision of their parent of guardian in the privacy of their own home.

Pine County joins 33 other counties and 132 other cities with this ordinance. The social host ordinance will go into affect on Thursday, April 25.

Photo curtesy of Lynette Forbes-Cardey via the Pine County Chemical Health Facebook page.

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